Tuesday, October 15, 2002

DAMN! i never thought i would say this...but I NEED TO STUDY and I CANT because everyone is too LOUD! ahhhh sometimes i wish i just had an empty house so no one would bother me with their IM sounds or the tv! why cant people just have the commone courtesy of turning their IM noises down?????? ahh i dont get it. I have a midterm tomorrow~ not that im stressing over it now or anything, cuz i think i'll do fairly ok, but i mean....for once i actually want to study on a daily basis, but my living conditions sorta prohibit me from doing so! geez....it sorta bugs after a bit....

Hai's coming back from lab...and we're gonna go to this outside cafe place so we can study...he sugested the science library at school but that place makes me tired.... being surrounded by wierd nerdy people and nothing but dim lights just puts me to sleep man! *sigh* ok well i gotta finish reading my book so i can properly take my midterm tomorrow. Wish me luck...and lets just cross our fingers that the noise level will slowly decline. :-D ok...


(its about time the Angels are going to the World Series!!!)

Tuesday, October 08, 2002

DAMMIT! i hate blogger! why do they make this shit so hard to use sometimes???? do they not realize not everyone wants to read their bullshi*? ahh its driving me insane...wahhh~ ahh~oooh~.. :-T U ALL SUCK!!!

haha jk. :-T
im bummed now...i feel so incompetent of computer crap!
i wanna blog where i can add pictures-- but it's too hard and i dont wanna bother with it cuz it takes too much time too! hmph! owell...i dont even think i have any pictures i would put up anyways...haha

*my finger still hurts*

Monday, October 07, 2002

woah! havent written in here for a while. ANyways...my thumb REALLY hurts from this infection i have on my thumb due to a STUPID hang nail! *i hate those things!!!* the swelling is gone but the pain is sooo excruciating!! ahhhh! anyways... heres a quote that i really like...got it off of a friends aim profile:

One day you'll ask me which is more important - my life or yours. And I'll answer, "my life," and you'll walk away without ever knowing that you are my life.

*sniff* too bad it doesnt apply to me though...haha. ok..BYE!