Thursday, April 29, 2010

cake smashing time!

Just a fun video of our lovely cake cutting :) The hubby saw me playing with my cake and decided to get me first before i got him.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

contest: Sparkle Thots


Sparkle Thots is giving away this gorgeous hair piece! Hurry! contest ends 4/15!!! Head on over to Sparkle Thots to enter!

Although it's advertised as a hair piece, the piece is so versatile! Think of using it as a belt/sash to add some spice to a cute pencil skirt & top! Or, if you're getting married any time soon, use it as a sash to your wedding gown! In fact, the sash I had used for my wedding day originated as a hair sash! oh, the possibilities!

I'm swooning over this piece. I really love delicate, unique items such as these. Check out their jewelry too!

How adorable is this ring:


I love the uniqueness of these earrings: