Saturday, December 07, 2002

Today was a happy and sad day. Well sort of. haha. Well hai and i went to the health office to get his stomach checked out cuz it was still in pain from what we thought was an ulcer. Well we found out that it is not an ulcer but is instead acid reflux disease. Wow he upgraded his illness! well he got prevacid for it, let's just hope this will make him better. Well as we were waiting for the doctor, his friend calls up and asks us if we want a puppy b/c a family friend of his (hai's friend) girlfriends was giving away 6 golden retrievers. And we said sure, unsure of whether we were allowed pets in our condo or not. Well we said yes anyways figuring that if the landlord said no we cant have pets, then...well we would give it to someone. SOO we (grace, hai and i ) were all stoked because we were gonna get a boy and girl puppy. But then i found out that all the puppies were given away. :-( so sad. afterwards, rather than getting the dog, which were were gonna do b/c we didnt have work today, grace, hai, hung and i went to s. coast to get our paychecks. DAMN! such a small check! haha i wasn't even able to pay off one of my credit cards! (well my cc bills aren't THAT much...and thats why i say my paycheck was SOOOO little). I like work and's very enjoyable...BUT they dont give me enough hours. So im thinking about quitting if i dont get more hours. I mean..i have like 12 on call hours and like 4 for-sure hours. On calls are might work and you might, you just call an hour or two ahead of your "scheduled" shift and they'll tell you wether they need you to come in or not-- and basically, I havent been called in yet. In fact, last week instead of working from 3-8, they told me at 5:00 that they didnt need me and that i could go home. I should have been happy..especially since it was a saturday and all...BUT GEEZ!!! i had absolutely NO hours that week and i really wanted to work since i already planned my saturday around my 3-8 shift. Owell, our manager said she's gonna give us more hours, it was just that they had to cut some hours for some reason or another.

Well...i dunno i have work tomorrow. If anyone has time, come by and open up a credit card with me!!! i need to open credit cards!!! FYI my shift is at 5:00-9:00pm and on call from 9:00- closing. So if you wanna help me out and open a credit card..come by to the Victoria's Secret store at South Coast Plaza (it's near Sears and Abercrombie kids on the second floor). :-D YES COME SEE ME!!!!

Well i guess i have more time to study for finals, which are next week!!! ahhH! damn i hate finals! i haven't studied for any of my classes yet. OMG i am sooo bad!!! ah.

Hm...i know this is really off topic...but i just gotta say that i realllllly hate people who have a double standard! well i can't say that i hate it..or them..but it just bugs me sooooooo much! omG i just find it sooo ridiculously annoying and immature! i only bring this subject up because it is going on right now! argh. not with me though...but still, as an observer, it bugs!

Sunday, December 01, 2002

I miss my high school friends :-( those were some good times. I don't know, it just seems as if the stuff you did back then was sooo much more fun than anything else I have experienced in College. I mean, I like the indepence and all, and I have met some great people, such as my roomate Grace. But i have to admit...nothing will ever replace my high school years with lydia sohn, annie chen, chrystal wang, tammy dorje, kristin ito..and o gosh...i can't even think right now. I MISS YOU GUYS!!!! and i'm sorry if i don;t call you guys....i know it's my fault-- i should totally make the effort since you guys always do... i'm not even gonna make any excuses, even if they are legit, i'm not even going to try to justify it b/c it doesnt matter what i was busy with.

Well here's a little update in my life-- well thanksgiving was WONDERFUL! i had a great time! i spent the entire day-- well most of the entire day-- helping my mom and my sister prepare for dinner. It was then that i really really really missed being home. I'm sure we have all missed home once and a while, but i was a little saddened that we (my mom, sister and i) don't really spend our days there, together, anymore. I just missed waking up at home and finding my mom in the kitchen or running around the house and my sister watching tv out in the living room and then going out together. We do that stuff on weekends, but not on a daily basis like back when we were still in high school. hm..those were some good times too. Plus, now i have a new job at Victoria's Secret (which is absolutely fun and great to work!!) and they need me mainly on weekends, so that again prohibits me a bit from going home. So anyways....yea I had to leave Thanksgiving night because i had work Friday. It was pretty sad leaving.

SO yea..thanksgiving was a nice day cuz almost everyone was there including my grandpa. Might sound wierd for some of you guys, but if you don;t know, my grandpa is now in a convalescent home. I was a little scared that he would feel like he was unloved and all....wich actually i still feel a bit, but he says he likes it. every time i see him or my mom sees him he says he really likes it and how he doesnt even feel like going home anymore. But i dunno...the first day i went to go visit him, i couldn't help but cry a bit cuz i felt sad for leaving him there. But now i feel a little bit better now i guess.

Anyways.... so yea aside from all that (i'm getting a bit mopey now...) i had work today at 7am!!! ahh i had to wake up at like 6 to get ready and get there in time. I havent woken up that early since.....since high school...WAIT! i never even woke up that early in high school!!! hahahaha. GODDAMN! that's early for me!.

Well i was just updating this a little bit because I was taking a little break from my hw session right now. I just needed a little breather..also i just read Lydia's online diary and it inspired me to update mine and to tell all of you how much i miss you guys!! everyone! you guys know who you are! and if not--this means: Lydia, Kristin, Chrystal, Annie, Tammy, My sister, my mommy, my cousins mitzi and michelle..and my grandpa..and everyone else i forgot to mention. haha