Saturday, December 07, 2002

Today was a happy and sad day. Well sort of. haha. Well hai and i went to the health office to get his stomach checked out cuz it was still in pain from what we thought was an ulcer. Well we found out that it is not an ulcer but is instead acid reflux disease. Wow he upgraded his illness! well he got prevacid for it, let's just hope this will make him better. Well as we were waiting for the doctor, his friend calls up and asks us if we want a puppy b/c a family friend of his (hai's friend) girlfriends was giving away 6 golden retrievers. And we said sure, unsure of whether we were allowed pets in our condo or not. Well we said yes anyways figuring that if the landlord said no we cant have pets, then...well we would give it to someone. SOO we (grace, hai and i ) were all stoked because we were gonna get a boy and girl puppy. But then i found out that all the puppies were given away. :-( so sad. afterwards, rather than getting the dog, which were were gonna do b/c we didnt have work today, grace, hai, hung and i went to s. coast to get our paychecks. DAMN! such a small check! haha i wasn't even able to pay off one of my credit cards! (well my cc bills aren't THAT much...and thats why i say my paycheck was SOOOO little). I like work and's very enjoyable...BUT they dont give me enough hours. So im thinking about quitting if i dont get more hours. I mean..i have like 12 on call hours and like 4 for-sure hours. On calls are might work and you might, you just call an hour or two ahead of your "scheduled" shift and they'll tell you wether they need you to come in or not-- and basically, I havent been called in yet. In fact, last week instead of working from 3-8, they told me at 5:00 that they didnt need me and that i could go home. I should have been happy..especially since it was a saturday and all...BUT GEEZ!!! i had absolutely NO hours that week and i really wanted to work since i already planned my saturday around my 3-8 shift. Owell, our manager said she's gonna give us more hours, it was just that they had to cut some hours for some reason or another.

Well...i dunno i have work tomorrow. If anyone has time, come by and open up a credit card with me!!! i need to open credit cards!!! FYI my shift is at 5:00-9:00pm and on call from 9:00- closing. So if you wanna help me out and open a credit card..come by to the Victoria's Secret store at South Coast Plaza (it's near Sears and Abercrombie kids on the second floor). :-D YES COME SEE ME!!!!

Well i guess i have more time to study for finals, which are next week!!! ahhH! damn i hate finals! i haven't studied for any of my classes yet. OMG i am sooo bad!!! ah.

Hm...i know this is really off topic...but i just gotta say that i realllllly hate people who have a double standard! well i can't say that i hate it..or them..but it just bugs me sooooooo much! omG i just find it sooo ridiculously annoying and immature! i only bring this subject up because it is going on right now! argh. not with me though...but still, as an observer, it bugs!

Sunday, December 01, 2002

I miss my high school friends :-( those were some good times. I don't know, it just seems as if the stuff you did back then was sooo much more fun than anything else I have experienced in College. I mean, I like the indepence and all, and I have met some great people, such as my roomate Grace. But i have to admit...nothing will ever replace my high school years with lydia sohn, annie chen, chrystal wang, tammy dorje, kristin ito..and o gosh...i can't even think right now. I MISS YOU GUYS!!!! and i'm sorry if i don;t call you guys....i know it's my fault-- i should totally make the effort since you guys always do... i'm not even gonna make any excuses, even if they are legit, i'm not even going to try to justify it b/c it doesnt matter what i was busy with.

Well here's a little update in my life-- well thanksgiving was WONDERFUL! i had a great time! i spent the entire day-- well most of the entire day-- helping my mom and my sister prepare for dinner. It was then that i really really really missed being home. I'm sure we have all missed home once and a while, but i was a little saddened that we (my mom, sister and i) don't really spend our days there, together, anymore. I just missed waking up at home and finding my mom in the kitchen or running around the house and my sister watching tv out in the living room and then going out together. We do that stuff on weekends, but not on a daily basis like back when we were still in high school. hm..those were some good times too. Plus, now i have a new job at Victoria's Secret (which is absolutely fun and great to work!!) and they need me mainly on weekends, so that again prohibits me a bit from going home. So anyways....yea I had to leave Thanksgiving night because i had work Friday. It was pretty sad leaving.

SO yea..thanksgiving was a nice day cuz almost everyone was there including my grandpa. Might sound wierd for some of you guys, but if you don;t know, my grandpa is now in a convalescent home. I was a little scared that he would feel like he was unloved and all....wich actually i still feel a bit, but he says he likes it. every time i see him or my mom sees him he says he really likes it and how he doesnt even feel like going home anymore. But i dunno...the first day i went to go visit him, i couldn't help but cry a bit cuz i felt sad for leaving him there. But now i feel a little bit better now i guess.

Anyways.... so yea aside from all that (i'm getting a bit mopey now...) i had work today at 7am!!! ahh i had to wake up at like 6 to get ready and get there in time. I havent woken up that early since.....since high school...WAIT! i never even woke up that early in high school!!! hahahaha. GODDAMN! that's early for me!.

Well i was just updating this a little bit because I was taking a little break from my hw session right now. I just needed a little breather..also i just read Lydia's online diary and it inspired me to update mine and to tell all of you how much i miss you guys!! everyone! you guys know who you are! and if not--this means: Lydia, Kristin, Chrystal, Annie, Tammy, My sister, my mommy, my cousins mitzi and michelle..and my grandpa..and everyone else i forgot to mention. haha

Tuesday, October 15, 2002

DAMN! i never thought i would say this...but I NEED TO STUDY and I CANT because everyone is too LOUD! ahhhh sometimes i wish i just had an empty house so no one would bother me with their IM sounds or the tv! why cant people just have the commone courtesy of turning their IM noises down?????? ahh i dont get it. I have a midterm tomorrow~ not that im stressing over it now or anything, cuz i think i'll do fairly ok, but i mean....for once i actually want to study on a daily basis, but my living conditions sorta prohibit me from doing so! sorta bugs after a bit....

Hai's coming back from lab...and we're gonna go to this outside cafe place so we can study...he sugested the science library at school but that place makes me tired.... being surrounded by wierd nerdy people and nothing but dim lights just puts me to sleep man! *sigh* ok well i gotta finish reading my book so i can properly take my midterm tomorrow. Wish me luck...and lets just cross our fingers that the noise level will slowly decline. :-D ok...


(its about time the Angels are going to the World Series!!!)

Tuesday, October 08, 2002

DAMMIT! i hate blogger! why do they make this shit so hard to use sometimes???? do they not realize not everyone wants to read their bullshi*? ahh its driving me insane...wahhh~ ahh~oooh~.. :-T U ALL SUCK!!!

haha jk. :-T
im bummed now...i feel so incompetent of computer crap!
i wanna blog where i can add pictures-- but it's too hard and i dont wanna bother with it cuz it takes too much time too! hmph! owell...i dont even think i have any pictures i would put up anyways...haha

*my finger still hurts*

Monday, October 07, 2002

woah! havent written in here for a while. thumb REALLY hurts from this infection i have on my thumb due to a STUPID hang nail! *i hate those things!!!* the swelling is gone but the pain is sooo excruciating!! ahhhh! anyways... heres a quote that i really it off of a friends aim profile:

One day you'll ask me which is more important - my life or yours. And I'll answer, "my life," and you'll walk away without ever knowing that you are my life.

*sniff* too bad it doesnt apply to me though...haha. ok..BYE!

Thursday, July 04, 2002

Wow its been almost a month since i wrote in here. Hai's sleeping right now, and i was just bored. So anyways, life is great-- bf is great, condo is is great. hm..ok i guess i didnt really have anythng to say-- thought i did, but i guess not. O yea! my sister is back from Australia! :-) ok thats it!

Friday, June 14, 2002

things are better-- he gave me a hug and a kiss :-D and we made up. Gawsh he is such a good bf...I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!


Thursday, June 13, 2002

Today was suppose to be a day of happiness.... Its my 1 year 2 mos. anniversary with hai~ but he got mad at me today for something so incredibly small! it hurts...i hate it when he's mad at me... it was something soooo incredibly little. So here he is-- lying down and not wanting to talk to me.. why? because he said i made him feel bad... geez-- i try not to think about it...but every time i try-- i just think about it even more and more..and then i just want to cry-- but i dont want to let the tears out because I don't want him to feel even worse-- i think i cry too much over these things, but i dont know how to control them, its just...this is the only way i know how to relieve everything. Sometimes i just want him to give me a hug and a kiss and everything will be better-- that never happens....he doesnt make me feel as special as I once did. It makes me so sad. I love him so much...and I know he loves me too-- maybe even more-- but sometimes i just dont feel it from him. and it scares me sometimes and i just dont know wut to do. I dont get why he just ignores me sometimes when hes mad... i try to ignore him-- but i just end up trying to talk to him because i cant act like other girls do-- pretending as if nothing happened...i just cant. And so here i sit, not knowing what to do. I want to pretend as if nothing is wrong. I want to pretend I dont care. But most of all, I want to pretend that it doesnt hurt as much as it does.

i dont want to cry-- but the tears are coming out anyways.... :-(

Tuesday, May 21, 2002

HEY! my page is not working! hmph!! bastards!!!

Well its early in the morning, and hai is at work....and I don't feel like going back to sleep. Anihoo...I'm watching I Love Lucy right now. :-)

OOH! our condo...I LOVE IT!!! its so cute and cozy. I wanna move in right move-in MOVE-IN..some of my stuff is already there but i want to officially live there.'s fun to live in. i'm excited.


Saturday, May 18, 2002

ok..changed my template again, thought this one is much much cuter. ANyhoo~ so yea..we finally got the condo! its sooo nice! im having a blast just moving in and all...there's a lot that needs to be done,but overall i'm having a blast! i love going shopping to buy stuff for the exciting! haha...yea so anyways, one of the things i need to do is change the shower head...damn, thats gonna be hard. stomach hurts. i think it's cuz i brushed my teeth and then drank some watered down OJ. :-/ erh..i don't feel too good. Hrm..well i guess im gonna go to bed..gotta wake up at 8 to go to stupid work! i hate that place! ughhhhh....but i gotta work my 5 hours a week! har har..ok bye bye

Saturday, May 11, 2002

Hello all..SO YEA..the housing situation is pretty much settled. The main problem is whether we're gonna ge the lease or not...because 2 other people are looking at it too..and i suppose the lease-ee would want whoever she approves of the i dunno. Im just crossing my fingers..i hope we get this place. It's so cute! Eh..on a darker note...i hit hai with my phone yesterday :-( well, more like i threw it at him. I shouldn't have done that. >_< i regret it so much. He's not mad at me anymore..but he was...oy, that was so bad of me to fo that. i sorta chucked it at him cuz i was so frustrated. damn.....

Well..there's nothing i can do though. I did it and i can't take it back...all i can do is just keep apologizing. But at least everything all worked out in the end...nothing too catty. things are just lovely between us. ANd people...DONT WORRY! we're ok! haha...yea tammy said it sounds as if things are kinda "eh" but they're really not. Im not complaining much...i dont have much to complain things are good..just housing was a bit of a stress on me...but that will hopefully be over soon. OH! if we get this moving in this week! damn so early huh??? owell...can't help it. ok..bye bye!

Tuesday, May 07, 2002 was very stressful. well i thought everything was ok..but then we started talking about housing situation. kicked hai out...kinda pissed because it was so last what i was expecting when we were going into this meeting about living situation. *sigh* and then to find out that after all my hard work at finding a one wants it anymore. I mean..c'mon guys..u should have told me....i could have saved a LOT of my time if you guys had just told me from the get-go... i kind of sad too just cuz its like, i worked so hard and one cares..u just want a townhouse. You've been wanting a townhouse and none of u guys told me...well u sort of did..but you guys never confirmed it with i just kept lookin, and u guys said it was cool..and now this. :-( i dunno..just made me a bit stressed. I didnt mean to burst out into tears and all..but i mean... i worry. i worry for him. i mean..its mainly my fault that he's "homeless" for next year..its my fault because i told him he could live with us, u guys even said it was cool...and then im the one who also has to tell him that he can no longer live with us..and what makes it worse is that him AND his bro are "homeless." I just in a situation where i dont want to be in. I DUNNO! i mad...but not really. im just a lil peeved b/c u didnt tell us earlier...or at least voice your concern. We could have saved all this. :-/ i just feel like i let everyone down. Thats the worst part. I let you guys down...i let my bf's bro down..and most of all, i let my bf down. Of course he's not gonna be mad at me..he loves me too much to be mad at me..but still!! Like..we're not a drama-type couple. i KNOW everything would work out ok...i dont worry about that. We love eachother too much to let the little stuff get in our way. Thats why i dont worry...hasnt happened before..and it wont happen in the future. Call me naive, but we're living proof of it :-)

<3 I love you hai <3

Monday, May 06, 2002

*sigh* just finished watching All My Children. good episode. :-) in like an hour or so, im gonna go check out this house....its nice..hopefully its nice inside and we can lease it...i hope!! and then i gotta go to the post office. My neighbor just came by asking me for some readings... but i dunno wut i did with it. I think its in the car...but im not sure. aiya. i dont know... o haha my sis emailed me from australia and she told me theres this show that goes on tour called "puberty of the penis" and i guess these 2 guys go around doing shows while naked and they make shapes with their penises or something. haha that'd be an interesting show. haha
Well..this is my first entry. Hm..what do i say? well i guess im just going to splurge whatever is on my mind.
This template i used is ugly...but its green, and green is my favorite guess ill stick with it. Damn, i know theres gonna be a shit load of typo's in here, owell...i dont really feel like going through a stupid grammar check, you should understand what im talking about anyways. So today i found out that this house we (my future roomies and i) want has been reduced by $100. It isn't a lot when you split it into four people, but wutever, it just seems cheaper...and well im asian...and im cheap~! har har har. (all u asians know its true! ur stingy like theres no other! admit it! haha) well eyes are burning...but i cant go to sleep yet cuz hai, who is behind playing Gauntlet Legends. He's trying to gain back our health on that game. Its really fun...i like it...but only when its me and him in the room..when other people are here, it gets distracting and annoying..and its just not so fun. hmph. Aycarumba (i wonder how u spell that....) im tired...but i dont want to go to sleep..especially since i dont think im going to class tomorrow. I really should, but i dont feel like it. hah! So anways...On friday i slipped in some mad ass mudd while trying to walk down a lil slope cuz i thought it would be faster to the parking lot from my dorm hall. Damn! i slipped...and my ass was full of this nasty mudd. Then i tried to get myself up after i fell...but i couldnt..and i fell AGAIN! it hurt. When i finally got looked like i took a mad ass shit in my pants. MAN IT WAS SO NASTY! :-( so sad. wutever, thats what i get for being a lazy ass...haha not mad or anything...just laughed it was funny. painful, but DEFINATELY funny. After i slipped, i went to my dorm to change..while changing i banged my head on my closet door-- THats hurt too! Then finally i went out to look at a house on the lake....AND THEN! to make things any worse...i get pulled over. WHY? because there have been recent burglaries in the neighborhood and the suspects where asian males...and of course...they suspect me because im carrying hai (my bf) and 3 other guys in the car who are asian. GREAT~ ! so anyways...he pulled us over, took me out to talk to me...searched the guys, made us sit on the curvb..then searched the car...found nothing..cop felt like a dumbass and let us go. sheesh! i was so mad..and scared too! man! ive never been pulled over!!!!! it was scary...i started crying.~ i hope i made the cop feel bad! BASTARD~ irvine cops man. And the thing tha makes it worse is~ well hai had a writing class he was late to since we got pulled over and a midterm right after...and we asked the cop for a note as proof in case he was late to his midterm...and the cop said "i dont think u need one. they should believe you, its irvine." MAN THAT MADE ME SO MAD!! but what can u do? u cant talk back to a cop. hmph. well weekend was much much better. saw spiderman...very GOOD! then went to universal studios...
This was all a very interesting weekend. FUn indeed! :-) ok..well im going.....hai's still playing games..haha and my roomie is sleeping...bYE!