Saturday, March 13, 2010

Top That, wedding cake!

With a wedding cake topper of course! It was a difficult decision to decide what we wanted as our wedding cake topper. Did we even want one?? Fiance and I had somewhat discussed the idea of a topper, but we kind of just figured we'd throw some flowers on top to make it simple & easy.

but then, a genius idea hit me! and I wanted it to be a surprise. The problem was... it had to be customized... so off I went to my go-to-place for customized work-

I looked for custom cake toppers. My vision was to have our cake topper resemble our characters from our save the date magnets:

So I scoured etsy, looking for someone who could make my idea come to life! And then I discovered Sophia's Workshop. After only a few conversations and a picture of our magnet- she created a sketch for us:

looking pretty spectacular right? I think so!
oh yea, if you're wondering about why my outfit is altered, it's because I asked her to add a flower sash that I'll be wearing with my dress and to put shoes on that resemble my wedding day shoes.

flower sash:


So on Thursday, we get our fedEx package...the one I've been checking the tracking status every day and practically every hour to see when it was going to arrive!

I open up the box, tear the packaging open, and am sooooooo thrilled to see our topper:

I could not be happier. I showed fiance as a surprise..and of course, he loves it too!!

Are you planning on topping your cake with anything special?

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